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Medical Affairs: In which maturity level is your Medical organisation at the moment?

Vintura's White Paper: "Medical Affairs in transition - towards a fully integrated model"
Dear participant,

In our white paper, we provide our vision on the transition that the Medical Affairs function can and needs to take, in order to become a driving strategic pillar in the organization. Changes in the environment and portfolios drive the urgency of Medical Affairs to be a key function in bringing external stakeholders together and co-creating solutions to improve patient outcomes. To take this leading role, we propose a fully-integrated Medical Affairs function across dimensions as propositions, people, organization design, and supporting systems. Moreover, we focus on the required transition and underlying change management. We should be beyond painting the ideal picture… To make it really happen, it is all about defining a practical roadmap to get there from where you are today.

Do you want to know in which maturity level your Medical Affairs organization is at the moment? Take this 5-10 minutes survey and get your results immediately. If you are interested in understanding how we are able to best support you in your journey towards the future Medical organization, please contact Natalia Eitel.
Medical Affairs needs to go through a step-by-step maturity process from traditional to integrated, increasing Medical Affairs value along the way